fitilates for you: anytime, anywhere! 

No gym membership? No problem.

No childcare? No problem.

No fancy equipment? No problem.

Maybe you're a busy executive who travels constantly for work. Or a stay-at-home mom with no access to easy childcare. Or maybe the gym scene just isn't for you. Or you find boutique studios limited in options or just too pricey.

Whatever the case, fitilates for you is designed with you in mind.

With new classes being added monthly, you will never be bored or run out of new classes to try.

Workouts are effective, efficient and fun, delivered directly to you in 40 minutes or less.

Inside the fitilates for you studio, you'll find:

  • Traditional fitilates classes
    • Typically 20-30 minutes in length, these classes will bring you through a warm-up and full body workout where you will gain strength, stretching, and power through your body. 
  • Specialty fitilates classes
    • These classes have a specific focus - from opening up the chest or hips to workouts for those suffering from a specific condition such as diastasis recti (splitting of the abdominals).
  • fitilates Strength classes
    • These classes focus on toning your muscles and changing your shape. Classes are open to all levels but having a basic understanding of the fitilates foundations will set you up for success!
  • fitilates Stamina classes
    • Who says you can't get your heart rate up in a Pilates class? These classes are slightly more advanced and move quickly through a variety of exercises to get your sweat on and a total body workout. 


  • fitilates in five
    • These 5 minute or less videos will give you a targeted blast or short tutorial - perfect for when you are pressed for time or want to refine a tricky exercise!
  • fitilates Foundations
    • Feel confident that you are getting the most out of your fitilates classes! These 13 extra fitilates foundations will give you extra tips and tricks to ensure your technique is bang on, maximizing your results.
  • Private Facebook Community
    • Join the fitilates family and join our private community. It's here that we will share extra tips and tricks to get more out of your workouts, our favourite recipes and even a little motivation for those days you just don't feel like it. We'll also support and cheer each other on, celebrating our successes and supporting the rough times.

fitilates for you is being offered for the LOCKED IN PRICE of ONLY $15/month! 

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As a busy mom and business owner, it can sometimes feel hard to fit in an effective workout. fitilates for you allows me to workout at home during my kids nap times, I can take it with me when I travel and am staying in a hotel room - but most of all it’s FUN! I LOVE this program!
— Laura Harder

How does it work? 

fitilates for you is a monthly subscription service. It offers a variety of classes to choose from and new classes are added each month to keep your workouts interesting!

fitilates for you costs a fraction of a gym membership and you can do your workouts wherever, whenever! There is no minimum commitment and if you feel fitilates for you just isn't for you, you can cancel your membership at anytime.