Discoveries and Revalations

2017 was a big year for fitilates. As the in-person instructor training had taken off 2 years prior to that, it was time to put some time and effort into the online component. And so, fitilates online certification and fitilates for you were launched. The feedback to both was great, we certified instructors across the country and were starting to build a community of fitilate-ers at the same time. And then 2018 hit.

We had some major decisions to make regarding our bricks and mortar studio, Infinite Fitness and I had set a major personal goal for myself that took the majority of my year (still waiting to see how that turns out). It became very apparent very quickly that I wouldn’t be able to do it all, at least not do it all and do lit well, so I gave myself permission to leave the online world.

I quit instagram, facebook, the blog, the website, newsletters, everything. Now in hindsight, maybe just stopping wasn’t the best move but at the time it felt like my only move. And, if I am being honest, it actually probably was my best move because I finished 2018 with more clarity than I have had in years. I took the time to focus and discover what it was I wanted, and I mean this in all aspects of my life, not just fitilates. I made some major changes to my businesses and lifestyle and came back to my whys.

So what did I discover:

  1. I missed writing. I feel like I write blog posts in my head constantly. Writing is cathartic to me. Sometimes I want to write about anatomy and exercise physiology, other times goal setting and leadership and other times, motherhood and lifestyle.

  2. fitilates is an extension of me. It’s more than fitness, it’s more than Pilates. It encompasses a wide range of activities from running to weight training to Pilates to mindfulness. Like me, it must stay true to the science of exercise but my true goal in this industry is to inspire you to be more active and therefore healthier through sustainable, proven methods.

  3. I can only serve others by serving myself. If I am too focused on what it is I think you want, I ignore/miss what my true message is. The more I educate myself and push myself to grow, the more I can share with you. Some of it will be relevant to you, some of it might not be. That’s ok, take what you need and remember you are exactly where you need to be.

  4. I missed my community (aka YOU). I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to involve you more (maybe you can let me know what you need below) but I do know that I want more of you in my life.

  5. The fitness industry is a bit nutty. Ok, possible understatement of the year. It’s a lot nutty. I struggle with images of half naked twenty somethings, who look great but haven’t bore a child or struggled with the demands of a full time career, kids, aging parents, a significant other, etc. As good as they look, it’s hard for me to find them relatable, yet I was constantly comparing myself to them (insert eyeroll here).

Discovery was step one. But what did it mean to me otherwise, what did it mean to fitilates?

  1. I am going to blog again. On whatever it is I feel like sharing. Sometimes it will be all about proper alignment and how that’s way more important than core strength (see previous post), other times it will be the random thoughts running through my head. As I said, writing is cathartic for me and by sharing all parts of me, I am hoping we can connect deeper and I can inspire you to be the best version of you (because I think that’s all we really want).

  2. fitilates isn’t here to compete with other methods of training. It’s here to give you a community of like-minded individuals and provide you options of workouts depending on where you are at that day. It is not a fad or a trend. You will start to see more workouts and exercises for everybody and every body.

  3. This one is pretty self-explanatory. As I quickly approach forty I am very aware that I haven’t even started yet. My goal in life is to inspire those around me to lead their best life. That means continuing my education and sharpening my skills.

  4. I am back (hopefully you are too). But without the pressure. Sometimes life with four boys, a business, a husband, friends, etc, is just too full without the added pressure of online prescence. I am going to do my best to be here for you but I am not going to put my in-person life on hold (and you shouldn’t either). I want you to live your best life, which means you have to go live. Not everything needs to be online and that’s ok. Let’s be those kind of friends that you know are here when you need them but you can also go a week or two without speaking.

  5. While the nuttiness is probably not going away anytime soon BUT I’m going to do my best to not have it invade fitilates. I promise what I am teaching is always the best that I know. And as I continue my commitment to #3, I promise to always share and do better.


Cheers to 2019 - let’s see where we go!


How fitilates Came to Be

This post was originally posted in May 2015. We celebrated my biggest little turning 9 this weekend and without them, fitilates would likely not exist. To mark the occasion, I am resharing how fitilates came to be. As a bonus for reading the fitilates story, I'm giving you my free 6-steps to mastering the ab curl checklist - don't miss it!

Increasing the Strength of Your Pelvic Floor

Increasing the Strength of Your Pelvic Floor

I would harbor a guess that almost everyone has heard of ‘doing a kegal’. I would harbor another guess that most of you are doing it incorrectly, if at all. Dr. Arnold Kegal was one of the first to address the importance of strengthening of pelvic floor muscles, particularly in postpartum women. Kegal exercises quickly became popular in people with incontinence issues, and physicians and media began to tell ladies of all ages that strengthening the pelvic floor was important.

Piriformis Syndrome - a literal pain in the butt!

Piriformis Syndrome - a literal pain in the butt!

I still clearly remember the first time I discovered my piriformis – I was running a lot at the time. I had just completed my first marathon and was set to run my second one less than six months later. I would be out for a run and have to stop for traffic, but as soon as I stopped my piriformis cried out and the only thing that seemed to give me relief was to actually press on it (in other words look like I was completely holding my own butt cheek) until I started running again. And although it would twinge a little while running, I never found it bothersome until I stopped or would just start moving again after a period of sitting.

Perfecting Your Plank

Perfecting Your Plank

The plank has become one of those exercises that I can’t help but love to hate. Don’t get me wrong, I can see value in this exercise as, when done properly, it truly aligns and engages our entire core plus more. But maybe it was the “planking” fad that put me over the edge, it just seems that the world is now filled with ugly, held way longer than they should be, planks! My original intent was to write a post about all the variations of the plank you can do, but before we can dive into the world of variations, we really just need to get the foundation correct. (sneak peak: next week's blog is all about plank variations).

Fixing Glutes That Don't Fire

Fixing Glutes That Don't Fire

Butts are often a big problem for your overall health and fitness, and we are not talking about the size of your cheeks. With over 20 years in the fitness industry, I have never had a client go to Physio for one reason or another and come back saying, “the physio told me my glutes are firing awesome!!” Most of time (and by most, I mean all), they are told that their glutes are not firing correctly and that’s leading to whatever pain they may be experiencing.

The Number One Myth When It Comes To Abdominal Training

The Number One Myth When It Comes To Abdominal Training

Abdominal (or core) training has been on the rise for at least a decade. We do exercises to make our core strong, make our abs look good and to make activities of daily living easier. In fact, regardless of your fitness goal, it’s undeniable that to be successful, some element of core training must be incorporated.

But what exactly is core training??

Eyes *Always* Open

Eyes *Always* Open

You've just got to your fitilates (Pilates) class and laid your mat on the floor, the class hasn't quite started yet so you stretch out on you mat and close your eyes to focus on your breathing. Deep breaths in through your nose, expanding the rib cage like a balloon and exhaling through pursed lips feeling the connection of the deep abdominals as you fully exhale.

The above scenario is a great example of how to warm yourself up mentally for the class ahead. You can choose to lie down, sit cross-legged or even stand up but bringing awareness to your breath is perfect. Often we need to shut out some of the world around us and closing our eyes is a great way to do that. But once class officially begins, in the world of Pilates, it's eyes open. Always.