The Most Important Quality You Need to Be Successful

However you choose to define success, there's really only one quality that you must depend on to achieve it - persistence. Persistence will take you farther than any other quality alone. You can have energy, but if you are not persistent with it, your energy may fade. You can be passionate, but with out persistence, passion just becomes a pipe-dream. You can be a genius, but without persistence, your genius will be wasted. You can be talented, but so is everyone else. Without persistence you will not rise above the rest.

As we enter the last 90 days of 2015, I ask you to do a quick reflection on the goals you set for yourself earlier this year. Are they still important to you? Have you changed your focus? Or are you still waiting to achieve that one goal that's been deluding you?? I challenge you to spend the next 90 days being persistent. Choose 2 small goals everyday that move you closer to success.

For example, let's say you have always wanted to start your own fitness business and you were really hoping 2015 was going to be the year. Let's do a brain dump of some of the stuff you would need to make that happen:

  • space to hold classes
  • business name
  • business license
  • website
  • clients
  • format to teach
  • class plans
  • client intake system
  • legal forms
  • equpiment
  • social media pages for business
  • e-newsletter lists for business
  • marketing plan
  • payment processing system
  • etc, etc, etc

It's easy to get excited about an idea. But when we start to write everything that must get done to make it happen, it's easy to feel overwhelmed!! But you must persist and break it down more (don't stop here). Take a few of those steps and break them into 10-30 minute tasks that you can complete each day. Choose no more than 2, yes two, to complete each day. For example, you need to find a space to hold classes. Start by calling a commercial Realtor (10 minute task), or make an appointment with your local community hall to tour the hall and inquire on cost (30 minute task). Before you know it, you'll have a space! Then move on to the next thing. If it takes more than 10-30 minutes, break it down even more. Sure, in your head it may take you slightly longer to achieve your goals, but last time I checked there was no medal for being first to achieve your goal - you just need to achieve it!!

In all honestly though, breaking it down allows you to be persistent and remember, persistence is the key to success!

If you're feeling like some accountability is needed, share your goal and maybe even your brain dump here. And remember, this strategy of persistence works for EVERYTHING, not just business. Want to lose weight, same strategy - brain dump everything you need to do and break it down. Looking to complete your first marathon? Brain dump, break it down. Want to make more money? Brain dump, break it down... you got it. Now do it. Here are some of my favourite persistence quotes to pin, print and refer back to whenever you need a reminder.

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