Give Yourself the Gift of Life

It's true - with one simple exercise, I can add years to your life!! I am practically giving you the fountain of youth!! Ok, ok, I am slightly exaggerating but the truth is, that being able to get up off the ground without the use of your hands or knees correlates to a longer life. Here's the scoop:

“If a middle-aged or older man or woman can sit and rise from the floor using just one hand - or even better without the help of a hand - they are not only in the higher quartile of musculo-skeletal fitness but their survival prognosis is probably better than that of those unable to do so.” 

The above quote is from Brazilian researcher, Dr Claudio Gil Araújor and was reported in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention. The study was performed on individuals 50 years of age and up and looked at their ability to get off the floor without the use of their hands or knees.  The test was scored on a point scale between 1 and 10 - 5 points for getting down to the ground and 5 more points for being able to stand back up. All participant's were given a starting score of 10. Any time the use of an arm or knee was used to help balance, a point was deducted. Half a point was deducted if balance was lost or the feat lost it's fluidity (clumsy).

You wouldn't think that such a simple test would be able to tell you so much, but Araujo found that it could predict life expectancy with alarming accuracy! Of the more than 2,000 individuals he performed the test on, he found those that scored less than 8 points were twice as likely to die within the next six years!! And those who scored three points or less were five times more likely to die within that same time period (yikes!!). Overall, every point achieved in the test accounted for a 21% decrease in mortality!

Armed with that knowledge, here's an exercise to try for yourself and get your clients to start doing too!

Now before you panic, remember this exercise is just a great benchmark and if you're younger than 50 years old, the results won't mean the same thing! Regardless of your age, use this exercise as a useful tool to help you literally add years to your life ;)

ps: You're Welcome! (for those additional years of course)